Different Day, Same Old Sh*t


28 Jul 2021

I have always assumed that Halloween was more of an American holiday. As a consequence, I tend not to celebrate it with fellow Britons. However, I have recently learned that it has its origins in the Pagan rituals of early Europe. Despite this, its most recent incarnation is very much culturally American.

Christmas breakdown

19 Dec 2018

Every Christmas it is the same story. In November we say "This year, I am not stressing my way through the holidays.", but we always do, don't we? It's all those gifts we want to buy and wrap. It is the gatherings; the clothes, the baking; the decorating. It's too much for anyone to handle, really. These days leading up to Christmas this year I spend an hour every evening ljust sitting down, half meditating over some Christmas goodies and listenin to this YT-mix. It all gets a little bit more handleable this way, and I hope to avoid my yearly Christmas breakdown...

How I won £6K at an online casino

21 Feb 2017

No need to get jealous, guys, but your humble servant James can certainly confirm that last night I did indeed score a major (for me) win at an online casino. £6,035 to be precise!

I'm not that much of a gambler myself and don't really know a lot about Blackjack strategies and such, but lately, I've been hearing from my pals that it's getting really easy to play online at the web casinos even from your phone without being an expert in anything.

Casumo Casino

So, a quick Google search for UK online casinos took me to website, which is a quite cool portal with casino reviews and bonus codes. Going through it I realised that not all UK casinos are the same and some of them have more games, more security and more bonuses for the new clients.

I chose the casino called Casumo because it looked cool and funky and claimed that it could give me a casino welcome bonus up to £1,500. I don't say no to that, as you can imagine! In reality, I didn't get that much but still scored a pretty nice free cash with my £50 deposit. They also gave me something called free spins - they are some sort of a free go at the online slot games when you don't pay your own money and use what the casino gave you in the form of free spins.

I signed up easily within 2 minutes, made a quick deposit with my credit card and instantly had my money plus the bonus money on my account. Played around a bit with different online slots, which are way cooler than I imagined with some pretty graphics and special effects and different bonus features. Enjoyed playing them a lot, first for free and then betting just under one pound. So it's all good for beginners like me.

Anyways, to cut a long story short I ended up playing the slot game called Mega Fortune. Just liked the name and the luxury theme and sweet graphics as well. I started spinning and spinning and spinning the reels, increased my bets as well and - whoops! - got a major amount showing up on the screen. I just couldn't believe it at first until I actually saw the amount on my casino account. The easiest and most fun cash I ever made, call it beginners luck or not... I think I'm going to play again, especially since now I have so much cash on my account, which I can withdraw or play with.

I just wanted to put it out there - you actually can play online at the casino without going anywhere and with no hustle at all. They even offer casino games on mobile so you can play on the bus or in a cafe. Sweet! If you want to try it out, check the website and choose an online casino for yourself as they are all different and there is something for basically everyone's taste. Good luck, guys!

January blues

11 Jan 2017

There's no worse time of year that right now. It is cold. It is dark. We are broke. And it is so, so long until we get som light in our lives again. How do we do it? Year after year the same old story of depression after the holidays... I need to get my body moving, warm up those joints. I decided to try a yoga class and sure, it does feel great after every session, but it so stressful to make it there I don't know if it's really worth it. 

What's your trick to beat the January blues?